So.. I spent too much money at Ulta. Part 1

I had to grab a travel size of shampoo before my sleep study at Ulta. Needless to say I went to the register and what did I see but Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipsticks on sale for $11.00!!! 😍😍😍

In typical Emily fashion, I bought 6.

Still debating on which ones to keep.. Swatches to follow 💄💋

So…I hauled more Colourpop!


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

This blog really should just be dedicated to all things Colourpop. I ordered 5 eyeshadows and one highlighter during the 20% off sale and received them last Thursday. This was the only instance that shipping took an extremely long time, mostly because they were bombarded with orders! Swatches and descriptions after the cut  Continue reading

So… It’s Colourpop time!


Do you hear that? That, my friends is the sound of angels singing. The beauty gods have shone upon me and my Colourpop order was delivered today. I should be expecting another shipment next week with eyeshadows. Why another shipment? Well.. because I’m a female and like all females, I can justify purchasing things I don’t need because IT WAS ON SALE! My review and swatches after the jump! Continue reading

So… Everyone has “a song”.

Are you ever driving in your car, relentlessly changing radio stations because you’re one second away from driving into head on traffic if you have to listen to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” one more time?  Then comes the moment when the stars align and a song comes on that completely just sets you into pure auditory bliss? I’m talking belting out the words like you’re performing for 50,000 people no matter how tone deaf you are and if there are any commuters watching you. That song for me is “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by the late, great Whitney MotherF*ckin’ Houston.


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So… let’s talk about opinions.


I’m just going to state for the record there are 3 people whose opinions I will always listen to (even if I don’t want to hear it):

  1. My Doctors. I feel like this speaks for itself
  2. My therapist. She’s the second coming of Jesus and will attend my wedding… most likely as my bridesmaid.
  3. My parents. Mostly because they’re the “adultiest” adults I know and have their sanity in tact despite all the bullshit their kids have put them through.

There are always those scandalous topics that everyone loves to form opinions on but really shouldn’t.  Typically, opinions start spewing out like word vomit when a person makes a questionable life choice… Continue reading

So… I started a blog.


Today during a very hectic (and I mean boring) day at work, I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a blogger for a living. How does a person get followers or subscribers? I feel like I’m only a step above those people who sell drink mixes and body wraps on Facebook.

This blog will serve no purpose other than being an outlet for my ramblings and the shit I buy that I have no business buying. Enjoy!