So… I adore Colourpop.


Just wanted to take a minute to share two pictures of shades I wore by Colourpop over the past two days! Below are the swatches from my haul last week and after the cut are pictures of the colors on.

Tuesday morning, I decided to wear Scrooge. Before Scrooge went on my lips, I applied Aquaphor and let it moisturize my lips on my 20 minute commute to work. When I got to work, the excess Aquaphor was taken off and I applied a tiny bit of foundation to my lips. I applied Scrooge and was ready to rock and roll.


Let me just say that this is after applying at 8 am and retouching at 1 pm after lunch! I was so happy with how well this stayed on all day. Putting the Aquaphor on before application really helped my lips to stay moisturized throughout the day. I’ve read other bloggers saying that this formula is drying to their lips but my lips are prone to dryness and I didn’t have an issue with it at all!

Today, I wore Solow. This is the PERFECT natural looking pink for my skin tone. I was beyond happy with how well this looked with my outfit today. Again, I applied this at 8 am and retouched at 1pm after lunch.


50 shades of YAAAAAAASSS. I was so happy with Solow I may just have to wear it again tomorrow.

Do you have a go-to shade that you wear during the week that’s perfect for the workplace? Let me know in the comments any shades you think I should invest in!


3 thoughts on “So… I adore Colourpop.

    1. I am OBSESSED with their Ultra Matte lippies. I have about $70 of lippies in my cart on the Colourpop website, waiting to be purchased after I win the lottery. Do you have any of their products?


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